Meegee by Zalleo
Meegee is a powerful being who rules the United 'Meegs's Universe.

Meegee is the fusion of Malleo and Weegee. Meegee can use the Fire Flower, which does a ton of damage to you and can be fatal. Meegee is also the owner of this wiki. His brother is Lalleo. Meegee's father is Papa Meegee and his mother is Meeshesh. He was adopted by Fariotran who had the son Lalleo at the time. His wife is Maesh who's cousin is Maizeh. Weegee always called Meegee an imposter which is why Meegee got so mad and sad at the same time he became Toon Meegee who shows no mercy. His younger brother is Meegario. Meegee has clones of himself called Meegee clones (duh!) and there are Fakegees that have been Meegeefied called FakeMeegs's. When Meegee was young, his name was Awheeo and he looked just like his son Meegario. He changed his name when he grew up to Meegee. The first Weegee to become a FakeMeeg was Evilgee who became Mevilgee.